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River Raisin Battlefield Park

 Visitor Center

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River Raisin Battlefield Visitors Center: Site of the Commemoration of the Battle of the Raisin

The River Raisin National Battlefield Park Visitor Center
1403 East Elm Ave
Monroe Michigan

The visitors center is open 7 days from 9am - 5pm
Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Days

Driving Directions

The River Raisin National Battlefield Park Visitor Center became a part of the National Park family in October 2010. The visitor center began operation in July 1990 through a co-operative effort between the Monroe County Historical Commission and the Monroe County Historical Society. In early 1991 the Visitors Center expanded with the building addition and exhibit renovation project. As part of this project new dioramas, two life sized vignettes, and a fiber optic map presentation explaining the battle were installed. The new additions have enabled the Visitors Center to fulfill its mission of interpreting the Battles and Massacre at the River Raisin and War of 1812 in the Old Northwest Territory.

The centerpiece of the Visitors Center is a fourteen minute fiber optic map presentation. The use of fiber optics is a recent advance in museum interpretation. On two wall-size maps the story of the River Raisin Battles is retold as colorfully lighted American, British, Canadian, and Native American forces take position and maneuver around the map.

The exciting narrative, together with the action on the maps, give the visitor an excellent understanding of how the Battle of the River Raisin was fought.

Original weapons and fire arms used during the War of 1812 and the Battle of the River Raisin

In the west wing, a collection of original military firearms and accoutrements, and an additional diorama accompany the fiber optic map.


Hand crafted miniature dioramas depict scenes from the River Raisin Massacre and the Battles of Lake Erie and Thames

In the Centers east wing hand crafted miniature dioramas can be seen that depict scenes from the River Raisin Massacre, the Battles of Lake Erie, and the Battle of the Thames.


Full scale vignettes bring to life American and British troops as they might have appeared on morning of the Battle of the River Raisin.

In the main gallery, full-scale vignettes bring to life the American and British troops as they might have appeared at dawn on January 22, 1813, just before the battle. The life-like figures, include Kentucky militiamen, US Regular Infantry, British infantry and artillerymen, a sailor from the Canadian Provincial Marine, and a Native American warrior.


Many of the 18 Historical Markers within the area of the Visitors Center are denoted with this special logo.

The military events of January 18 - 23 of 1813, occurred over an area about five miles long and a half mile wide; More than eighteen historical markers within this area relating to the War of 1812 are denoted with this special logo.


Troops marching in the snow as might have during the Battle of the River Raisin.

Each January, on the anniversary date of the battle, a memorial service is held on the battlefield. This event commemorates the service of the Americans, French, British, Canadians, and Native Americans who fought at the River Raisin. During this service, uniformed living historians representing the soldiers of the War of 1812, place a wreath on the ground that was the scene of the heaviest fighting and fire ceremonial salutes in honor of those who fell here.

The River Raisin National Battlefield Park Visitor Center is open 7 days a week from 9am - 5pm & closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Days.. The grounds are open year around. The building is open in January for the commemoration (see events page for details).

The River Raisin Battlefield Visitors Center 1403 is located 1/4 mile west of I-75 at exit 14 (Elm Avenue), Monroe Michigan.

For The Best Map Detail Visit Map Quest

River Raisin Battlefield
1403 East Elm Ave
Monroe, MI  48162

Driving directions:
When leaving the Battlefield parking lot turn right (West) onto Elm Ave. Proceed West approximately 1 mile, to Monroe Street 3rd stop light. (M 125)
Turn left (South) go 3 blocks.
The Museum is located on the right side (North West Corner) of South Monroe St & West Second Streets.
Parking is available on either Second St or in the public parking lot at the rear of the Museum. 

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