Biography of
Wyandot Chief Roundhead

by Ralph Naveaux


            Roundhead (Stayeghtha, or Bark Carrier) was born at the Sandusky River around 1760, becoming a Wyandot chief of the Porcupine Clan.  Before the War of 1812, he had fought against the American generals Harmar and St. Clair.  In the summer of 1812, he relocated to Brownstown.

Roundhead was second only to Tecumseh amongst Colonel Procter’s force of Native Americans allied with the British.  He participated in the Battle of Monguagon and the Detroit campaign, where Tecumseh gave Roundhead the sash presented to him by General Brock, claiming it should go to an older and abler warrior than himself.

The 6’ tall Roundhead led the Indians on Muir’s expedition and at the Raisin.  He was also with Tecumseh at Brownstown, Monguagon, and Fort Meigs, where his brother Jean-Baptiste was killed.  Roundhead died sometime during the month of October, 1813.

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